Managed Windows Dedicated Servers

Managed dedicated server systems and dedicated server systems have their own set of differences and must not be confused. Like seen in the term, managed dedicated server systems have the parent company to help you in managing and troubleshooting the system in any unlikely event. This is absent in the dedicated server system paradigm. Much debate is already existing so as to choosing between the different flavors of operating systems which are already present in the server market. Broadly there are two and they are linux managed dedicated servers and windows managed dedicated servers. Both are used for the same purpose to run a server, but both do it differently. In this article we shall be discussing the advantages of switching to a windows managed dedicated server system.

One of the best advantages is that the popularity of windows operating systems can never be matched by linux. Although linux is predominant in the server field, Microsoft is churning up updated products which are known to work well in the server systems. A common gripe associated with windows based operating systems is that they do not have the stability of the linux counterparts. Yes, this was true but during the initial stages of the server systems. Now both windows managed dedicated servers as well as the linux managed dedicated systems are offering the same performance and in some cases windows is superseding the other. In a recent study conducted by Microsoft in 2004, it was found that running windows based server systems is more feasible than opting for linux systems. The math was done and the total ownership cost was found to be lower for windows managed dedicated server systems. According to the study windows operating system is easier to use, hence more work can be done within a short time and the employment of highly trained staff can be eliminated for the maintenance of windows managed dedicated server systems.

Linux managed dedicates systems employ a wide range of command line utilities and you need to know what exactly is to be done in order to proceed with the server administration. But with a windows system, the user can play about with the different available options and do a self study in his free time to master the server administration. Everything is laid out before him and all it takes is some determination to master the managed dedicated system. The learning curve has been greatly reduced with the introduction of windows dedicated managed systems. Command line interface also exists for windows systems too, but they need only be invoked when advanced features are to be enabled. Ease of installation of windows and server managed dedicated systems are different. Not just the installation, the server configuration is also touted to be much easier for a windows managed dedicated server. Another common gripe about windows server systems is the number of viruses and spywares which are present in multitude. But all these can be kept at bay with the help of suitable software solutions.

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